In COCOMO, projects are categorized into three types?

1.Organic: A development project can be treated of the organic type, if the project deals with developing a well-understood application program, the size of the development team is reasonably small, and the team members are experienced in developing similar methods of projects. Examples of this type of projects are simple business systems, simple inventory management systems, and data processing systems.

2. Semidetached: A development project can be treated with semidetached type if the development consists of a mixture of experienced and inexperienced staff. Team members may have finite experience in related systems but may be unfamiliar with some aspects of the order being developed. Example of Semidetached system includes developing a new operating system (OS), a Database Management System (DBMS), and complex inventory management system.

3. Embedded: A development project is treated to be of an embedded type, if the software being developed is strongly coupled to complex hardware, or if the stringent regulations on the operational method exist. For Example: ATM, Air Traffic control.

For three product categories, Bohem provides a different set of expression to predict effort (in a unit of person month)and development time from the size of estimation in KLOC(Kilo Line of code) efforts estimation takes into account the productivity loss due to holidays, weekly off, coffee breaks, etc.