In case im in public place at the time, should i attend the interview in public place?

In case im in public place at the time, should i attend the interview in public place?

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Never do that , it indicates that you are not interested in the job


Interview is not a formality or a ritual or an exam. The time is gone that just because companies need resources they will pick up any sincere candidate and train them on job later. Now, companies not just are selective in terms of technical skills, but also the cognitive abilities of the candidates along with their soft skills. This makes cracking interviews tougher, and on the learner side, every interview should be a learning process. Appear for an interview, only if you are going to pen down all the questions, re-think where you could have answered better and where you can improve. Else, it’s a waste of time.

No, shows a lack of interest and respect.

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Request your interviewer to take the call during a time and date in which you can sit down and focus in a quiet space.
Make sure you are available at the time of the interview.
No, it is not recommended to take the call in a public place.

Am curious how can this situation ever happen in the first place? I mean, usually, interviews are scheduled beforehand, so that one can be sure they have the time, space, and mental capacity to attend the interview without distractions. I have rarely ever heard of a surprise interview, which catches one off-guard at a public place.

Nevertheless, it is sage advice to not attend an interview in a public place. If one does get stuck in this unlikely scenario, they should request a reschedule.

Honestly it depends. Saying a no to any interviewer might be a put off. Be very polite to them and explain the situation, make sure you tell them you are interested but due to unforeseen circumstances not able to do. Call them back as soon as possible so that the lead is still remains alive. Cause after all, first impression does play a role.

A very integral part of the interview process is to show sincerity towards it and be appreciative of the opportunity. This makes the interviewer note the fact that how much you are serious about the process. Being at a public place, with the noise and the scenes around you enough to distract both you and the interviewer from the process isn’t a good sign to begin with.

People who conduct online interviews always mention some basic criteria to arrange one from the candidate’s side. Some of them happen to be:

  1. A decent internet connection with a prescribed download and upload speed, without breakage.
  2. A well-lit place so the visuals are clear.
  3. A noise cancelling device or earphone to cut any unwanted sound.
  4. A device that runs smoothly and doesn’t hang.

You are likely to mess one or more things out of the above-mentioned list in a public space. While there are options to set a virtual background to cover up your sitting space for the receiver, it isn’t a fool-proof arrangement and most likely would fail in a crowded public space.

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You should never attend the interview at a public place.

Firstly I would recommend not being in a public place or planning any other personal thing when you already have an interview scheduled. The interview needs a good atmosphere where the panellists and you both are able to communicate easily. You will also need a laptop in case of any problem-solving task during the interview. In the worst case, if you still are out, you should communicate as early as possible so the panellist can postpone the interview and plan his day. It is very frustrating if panelist is not able to hear clearly on what candidate is saying.

The main thing is I would get distracted if I give interview in public place. I don’t think it is a good idea, not for techical interview at least.