Importance of using a hashtag on Instagram

Importance of using a hashtag on Instagram to increase your fan base is vital. Hashtags are proof that you can communicate with other people in an effective manner. It would be best to always use hashtags on all Instagram pictures, especially when posting for brands, even though not many will notice it.

Hashtags are also a good way of thanking followers for being there, and you should do this from time to time even if they don’t like or comment on your picture. In most cases, people just follow and unfollow accounts and never really engage with anyone. By thanking them, you make them feel special as though their feelings matter, which will encourage them to continue following you every day.

If you want more likes, then hashtags are the best way to do it because those who like to look at pictures on Instagram will automatically click your hashtag and see all the other users who posted under that same hashtag. The more likes you get, the larger your fan base becomes, increasing traffic on your website or blog.

When a picture has no hashtags, people start thinking that there is something wrong with it since they assume that everyone who uses Instagram uses hashtags. So when they come across a picture without one, they don’t think much of it and go ahead with whatever they were doing before. When you use hashtags, you create an opportunity for people to see what others are posting related to yours, thus creating more engagement and increasing the number of likes and comments you get.

The number of hashtags used in any given post is not important as long as the content makes sense. If you have a large number of pictures and those same pictures are using different words. It would seem weird because no one will know what your main focus on that day was, but if you stick with one or two main hashtags, they will help connect everything or at least make people think something is interesting going on.