Importance of GD&PI Preparation

Now that the scorecards and percentiles are in your hands, the next item on the agenda is to nail these calls and convert them to offers into your dream B-Schools.

But the road from getting these calls to the time you land the admission letter is fraught with uncertainty and many people lose out at this stage.

So what is it that separates the best from the rest, it is undying effort and zeal to prepare for this interview. The B-School interviews and GD processes are grueling and test many hard and soft skills of the candidates and it is of paramount importance that one prepares exhaustively for these processes.

Usually there is a significant( close to 50-60%) weightage associated with the GD&PI process and thus one must have well laid out strategies for the same.

The GD is a tough nut to crack and requires one to make 2-3 well-timed entries adding value to the GD.
Brownie points to those who either begin or succinctly summarise the GD

The PI process is exhaustive and requires one to be familiar with academics , current affairs, work ex amongst other stuff and is usually the make or break in landing that dream admit

To help you get started with interview preparation, you could take a look at the Interview course offered by Board Infinity

Group Discussion Preparation Course | Group Discussion Tips | Board Infinity-GD
Placement Preparation Course with Certification | Board Infinity-Interview preparation course

Bonus tips

  • Stay in the moment- Whilst it is tempting to either assume that you will definitely convert or you might not convert, it is important to put your energy into the preparation part. As Lord Krishna said " do your best and leave the rest" no truer words can describe this period of time

  • Have your facts ready- It is of paramount importance to have your facts ready and then form an opinion after considering every viewpoint and not let biases hinder your thought process or opinion as these are common trap areas that interviewers look out for.

  • Have your pitch ready Your tell me about yourself question is an elevator pitch where you have to summarise your life and achievements in less than 90 or 120 seconds at max. Make sure you highlight achievements in every domain possible and try to bring out your personality in the interviews to leave a good impression for the recruiters and help you get settled in a nervous situation.

What not to do

Calculating your composite score at this stage is a little premature as there are a few variables that are out of your control and a few variables that are still under your control. Also with the cut offs, it becomes futile to chase a particular score as the cut-off scores keep varying each year.

Getting stressed out-this happens with all of us , but the key is to not let it hamper your daily preparation and flow as it could derail your chances of landing that dream admit. The key remains to stay focused and talk to friends, family members throughout this time frame as it helps calm you down and get a grip over things

Don’t use social media as a source of information- Social Media is laden with rampant misinformation and biases and thus while it is tempting to get your views formulated from these sources, it makes sense to do it the hard way, go through legitimate sources such as The Hindu newspaper amongst other sources to formulate your thoughts.