I'm weak in Programming & Math's, can I learn Data Science and Machine Learning?

Hello Champs!

Whenever I’m going through my LinkedIn, doubt clearing, couching and consulting sessions, I do again and again encounter same problem faced by many of the beginners, that is, “I’m weak in programming or I’m weak in math’s, am I suitable to learn Data Science or Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence or Deep Learning?

Let’s clear it out today!

No one is strong here in thins word in math’s or programming. The world is ever changing and growing rapidly every moment, It’s a learn daily process. Even I’m not strong or perfect in math’s, I’m also a weak programmer. Whenever you are comparing yourself with other people more or less you going to find yourself in a weak or strong position, but anything this world can be mastered, anything can be practiced daily to be more better than you were in it yesterday.

" Never let anyone say, ‘You can’t do it!’. People those who can’t make it, will come to you and say, ‘You Can’t!’ But you got a Dream, you got to Protect it. You want something, go and get it."

Let me explain using a simple example, take PUBG game. Whenever you started PUBG for the very first time, you may not be a very strong player in PUBG. As you’re spending more time, as you’re practicing it, as you’re playing more games with your friends and with all your squads, you eventually going to be a strong player in PUBG. So, whenever you’re giving comparatively more time, efforts, your patience, automatically you gonna be strong in math’s, you gonna be a strong programmer, you gonna be strong in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, what so not, you can achieve any great heights.

Most of the problem is that we are not able to give the time. We dream about great things, future , career but we are not executing in reality. So start implementing your ideas, fix a time slot for the thing you really want to excel in. Keep hustling, grind daily.

We have the power to turn the odds in our favor if we seriously love it.

When you love something you gonna give it time, when you give time you going to be mastered in that skill. Don’t rush behind salary, fame blindly. Do what you love, do it with passion and be happy. Never feel you’re weak in something, everyone has 24 hours in hand as you do, if anyone else can, then Why Can’t We?

Stay motivated.

Time to start working on your dream! :star:

It depends how deep you have to dive into the algorithms. I will divide the mathematics topics on basis of that only (from easy to hard).

EASY : Linear Algebra, Graphs 2D, Straight lines equations, Probability, Matrix operations, Covariance, Statistical tests, Data distribution & transformation.

MEDIUM : Graphs 3D, Contour plot, Vectors, Matrix inverse, Differentiation, Partial Derivates (Chain rule imp.), Summation, Null Hypothesis tests.

HARD : VC dimensions, Optimization problems (gradient descent, PSO, GA etc.), loss functions, Bayesian inference, Kernel Functions, functional analysis etc.