If you were to become our digital marketing manager, what strategies would suggest we implement, and why?

It’s important to use this opportunity to show that you not only understand the dynamic of the brand, but have already thought about what future value you can bring to their company.

Before your interview, take the time to review the brands existing digital strategy. Understand what channels they use, what content they publish, and if there’s any areas of opportunity they should pursue.

Perhaps the brand has traditionally shied away from SEO, but you’ve researched some relevant search phrases with high search volumes.

Taking the time to uncover these insights not only shows how prepared you are as an individual, but also how skilled you are as a digital marketer.

As a bonus, I’d even recommend asking the recruiting manager questions about their current strategy.

In this case, you could consider asking why they haven’t prioritized SEO, or even if they’ve taken the time to do this research themselves.

By asking questions, it shows that you’re a domain expert and have a thorough understanding of the meaningful contribution you could make as their digital marketing manager.