I’m preparing to go for an MBA in marketing next as I feel marketing is the best way to kick-start a company. Is it the right decision?

I dont think you should do an MBA for your intended career. An MBA is good for a traditional career path in a business enterprise for profit.

You are looking for a social career. There are many universities in India that offer professional degrees for such careers with great internship opportunities. Infact all these programs require atleast a year of practical experience before you graduate. They are called Liberal Arts degrees and give you a complete and cross-disciplinary picture of the world.

Ashoka University and Aziz Premji University are very well known for your career path. Infact YIF program (Young India Fellowship Program) is great for you because the program selects top 30 candidates and puts them into an intensive practical training program in the social sector where you learn to handle problems that a typical country like India faces.

Why do you need a professional degree for social sector? Good intentions alone are not enough to help poor. The degree teaches you several aspects and tools to execute your strategy. One key aspect of social sector is getting grants. So when you get a professional degree you can also tap into your network to get the reach you need to make an impact.