I keep failing Data Science interviews. What to do now?

Do you feel low or frustrated after failing an interview?

All candidates, whether they fail at the first round, or the fail at the end experience this frustration. Those failing are intimidated just like amateur trekkers do while staring at the lofted peaks. Those failing at the later rounds are intimidated by the fact that they have to start all over again including the painful assignments.

The answer to this is simple, prepare how you would prepare for trekking. Start climbing at a pace that’ll let you hold stamina. Next, make sure you have done enough “gymming” before attempting the trek so that your leg muscles are strong and that you have stamina. Also to note, that upper body work out should be to gain strength for carrying bag-pack, and not for bulging body building shows.

Converting the analogy to real points, make sure your programming is strong enough, make sure your profile interests the interview, make sure you have basic stats knowledge, and make sure you know why you showcase your passion for the field. Make sure to go into depth of each topic for preparation based upon job profiles that you are targeting.

Most importantly, have patience!!! Even an experienced Data Scientist will fail in 4 out 5 job positions, either due to irrelevant experience or lack of required technical skills/ personality traits. However, you just need 1 good job to go. This isn’t academics to calculate aggregate score of all interviews!