I have several temp positions on my resume. How can I explain this without seeming as if I am unable to land a permanent job? I don’t know if this is one of the problems employers are questioning

The late-2000s and early-2010s recession made it far more normal for people to have a lot of mobility on their resumes, such as employment gaps, short-term work, numerous part-time jobs, and other employment scenarios that would have been considered “non-traditional” previously. Employers appear to be much more accustomed to seeing people with several short-term job experiences on their resumes since the crisis, and with the ongoing development of the gig economy.

Make a notation next to each temporary employment on your resume indicating it was temporary, a short-term contract, or a freelancing role so employers don’t assume you’re changing jobs every few months. Also, clarify in your cover letter that, while your CV contains temporary employment, you are determined to obtain a full-time career where you can grow with the firm.