Huddle Board Template in operations management?

A Huddle Board is a tool for visualizing the work and workflow of a team or organization. Huddle Boards are most often physical boards like a whiteboard which include “cards” or “post its” to show status, progress and issues related to a project or business initiative. Typical huddle boards track various metrics such as safety, quality, delivery, costs, budgets, inventory, team recognition, or anything else important for teams to monitor on an ongoing basis.

Huddle Boards first gained widespread use in the healthcare industry. Teams would “huddle” together each day for a few minutes and determine their most important tasks, and then team members would go execute. The power of Huddle Boards lie in their visual simplicity.

Huddle Boards resemble “Kanban” boards in that they help teams plot out different activities or ongoing project tasks, usually across different phases of their development. For example, a board might contain several columns organized by process step like things to do, things being done, and things completed. Or, you might simple create columns for process steps, like step 1, 2, 3, etc.

Huddle Boards don’t have to be organized around processes. They can also serve as living dashboards for teams and organizations. Some Huddle Boards might contain daily or monthly goals, along with progress reports like graphs or pie charts. However they’re structured, their purpose is the same: instantly align people around a shared purpose to coordinate and accelerate action.