HR interview questions for campus placement for KPMG?

Here are some HR interview questions from KPMG. Because they are more regularly asked interview questions, you may encounter them in your interview as well.

  • Explain the difference between hard work and excellent results.

  • What distinguishes KPMG from the other Big Four firms? What makes you want to join here?

  • List some of your life’s accomplishments.

  • How would you sum up your personality in a nutshell?

  • What is your greatest failure in life, in your opinion?

  • What do you want to be 2 years from now?

  • Please introduce yourself.

  • What is the distinction between smart and hard work?

  • What are some of your accomplishments?

  • When do you expect to finish and be eligible to join? Do you have any queries for us? (Contextual question)

  • What modifications would you make to your college?

  • What do you consider your weaknesses and strengths to be?

  • Why would you want to work at KPMG?