HR interview preparation for campus placement for Fractal Analytics?

The interview procedure at Fractal Analytics is divided into three stages.

  • The first is the numerical aptitude exam, which consists of 20 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes to complete. The cut-off is usually set high, up to 17 right answers with no mistakes.
  • Then there are two rounds of interviews, each of which is focused mostly on your résumé, riddles, and tiny case studies. - - These rounds ought to be a breeze for you if you have strong projects to show off on your CV, good communication, as well as a positive approach toward learning.

HR focused

  • Also, keep in mind that the interviewer is looking for you to approach to the issue, not just the answer. As a result, while fixing challenges, create your self-structured. It would be fantastic if you could explain what you’re doing. When the next person learns, he’ll guide your with a few hints here and there.

  • However, the HR round, in my opinion, is a bit mysterious. Instead of hiring you as a worker, they engage you as a person. So, be truthful and confident, and you’ll be OK.