HR career prospects in the next five years?

The ability of a company to recognize and cultivate top-tier talent within its personnel is critical to its long-term success. HR trend predictions in the next five years are as follows:

  1. There will be more work than available talent - Certain fields will change at an exponential rate, defying the quantity of accessible expertise. At the same time, organizations with a large number of Baby Boomers will discover that the next generation of successors is lacking.

  2. The day will come when social media recruiting will be a thing of the past - The realm of social media does not allow talent to remain hidden. Talent is front and center on LinkedIn and career-focused social media networks. While many organizations have accepted this method of recruiting, many are lacking in strategy.

  3. The development will take the centre stage - In this HR trend, future training will be competency-based, with trainees from a variety of leadership groups, and its methodology will be more engaging.

  4. Changes in leadership models over the years - a greater integration between coaching, organizational development, and performance management to drive organizational change.