How would you respond if you were working hard on a project and your manager changed the goals near the end?

Employers ask this question to learn more about how you respond to changes in the workplace. This is especially the case with changes that have a direct impact on how you work. You should aim to show your flexibility and how you have used this trait to address unexpected changes to how you work.

In my third month as a marketing associate, I was asked to increase conversion rates on our website, a priority for the business. I was initially assigned to work on ways in which we could convert more people from our blog to our homepage.

However, after doing all the legwork, my manager informed me that the company now wanted to focus more on homepage conversion. She explained that this would provide the business more immediate value. To respond, I shared my existing findings with my manager, and quickly pivoted toward the new assignment. I understood that this was a priority, so I did not resist taking on the new task. This experience allowed me to learn about the importance of adapting quickly.