How would you ensure that the reader opens and reads your email?

The answer to this question is an “Interesting email subject line”. Your subject like should be catchy and appealing.

Following are some tips to make your subject line catchy:

i. Curiosity and urgency: Use these two characteristic to write your subject line. Make them curious and tell them that they will get more information in the email.

ii. The shorter the better: It becomes difficult to read long subject line in the mobile phone. The person should be able to read the whole subject line at a glance.

iii. Personalization: Make people feel special - This makes the Email look relevant to the reader. Add receiver’s first name in the subject line.

iv. Tell them what is inside: This makes it clear that there is something inside the email probably what they were waiting for.

v. Sense of importance: Your subject line should make the reader act immediately. You can create scarcity and urgency for the receiver to act promptly.

vi. Include numbers: Using numbers in the subject line is an effective marketing practice. It makes the email more clear and straightforward.

vii. Compelling question: You need to ask questions which are relevant to the receiver’s behavior or persona. It also helps create curiosity as mentioned above.

viii. Avoid overuse of exclamation and All CAPS: Avoid using more than one exclamation mark. And if you are using all Caps lock your email will get ignored as it appears to be a spam mail.