How would you describe the role of a Web Developer? What are the most important aspects of the job and why?

The specific role of a Web Developer will vary greatly depending on the specific job description, and whether or not a hiring manager is looking for back-end specialists or front-end web developers. Ultimately, though, most Web Developer roles will span the following responsibilities:

  • Working directly with clients or company stakeholders to understand their needs and requirements
  • Designing, developing, programming, testing, upgrading, and debugging web applications
  • Collaborating with designers, other developers, UX specialists, sales and marketing teams, and other stakeholders to design, develop, and deploy major web projects
  • Support the maintenance of websites, web applications, and other web products Those are just the most general routine web development tasks, but to get more specific, refer back to the job description and make sure your answer covers the major responsibilities and competencies demanded by the position.