How would you define Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is about a brand’s marketing initiatives executed across digital platforms. Digital Marketing is the process of reaching out to and engaging with your customers or users through digital media. Notice the highlights here – reaching out to, and engaging with.

Traditional marketing channels definitely helped immensely in reaching out to the audience but engagement and interaction were largely missing, making it a one-sided communication. As a marketer, you would agree that effective marketing communication is all about two-way communication, or about having a meaningful dialogue with customers. This is where traditional marketing channels lose and Digital Marketing scores.

For any organization or individual who wants to reach out and engage with their customers or prospects, Digital Marketing platforms are of immense use. And it is not just limited to sales & marketing efforts of brands but extends to greater pastures of a business like serving customers, finding new talent, Market Research, and needless to mention that various sales & marketing objectives like Lead Generation, brand building, Customer Acquisition could be achieved using Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing includes multiple channels like social media, search engines, brand websites, content platforms, etc., and could utilize various techniques like Search Engine Monetization (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, and link building, etc.