How was your summer internship experience at microsoft?

Following is the summer internship experience of an MBA graduate at the Microsoft India office (Hyderabad).

Some Points are as follows -

  • The selected candidates receive some goodies from Microsoft like T-shirts, Bags, water-bottle, etcetera.

  • Microsoft does an excellent job of ensuring that Interns are not required to focus on anything other than their internship. They looked after you for two months and supplied transportation, quickly making our daily journey 30 minutes. They took care of your daily meals on campus and our round-trip flights from the city interning.

  • Aside from that, there was a substantial stipend, which helped me realize my remuneration value for the first time.

  • Gradually, all of you were wholly absorbed in our job. To make progress, you would have to read about many strategies and patterns every day. The office culture was relatively open, and the people there were amiable and helpful.

  • During the day, people were focused on their work, and things had calmed down by the evening.