How was your on-campus interview experience for Infosys?

Following is the interview experience of a candidate who had appeared for the campus placement process. The experience is written in a stage-wise manner as follows:

Online assessment

At Infosys, Round 1 consists of a five-section online test (Mathematics Ability, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Pseudocode, and Puzzles). The test will last 100 minutes in total.

Each test segment has a set amount of time allotted to it, and all questions in that section must be finished within that time frame.

There are no negative marking options, yet you cannot navigate between questions or sections.

To complete this round, you must first clear each section’s sectional cutoff.

Interview Round (Technical + HR)

This round included both technical and HR-related questions.

Topics covered in the technical questions include OOPS (with real-life applications), SDLC and related models, fundamental knowledge of DBMS, pointers in C and C++, and a basic understanding of data structures. They might also inquire about 2020s most popular and trending technology.

Also, bring some simple coding questions with you.

Here are a few examples:

  • The Fibonacci sequence
  • A number’s factorial
  • A number’s GCD
  • Determine whether a number is prime or not.

Verdict: Pass