How was your MBA Interview experience at MDI Gurgaon?

Candidate profile

Name - Rohit Kumar Singhvi

Graduation - B.Sc. Biology

Experience - 0 months

Details -

The interview was online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There was no GD-WAT before the PI round.

There were two panelists, Both male.

The interview had taken place in random order in which both the interviewers kept asking me questions.

The first interviewer started with, “Tell me about yourself.”

I answered the prepared answer.

Then the second interviewer asked, “Why MBA.”

I answered accordingly, and he then cross-questioned me for some time.

The first interviewer then asked me about my hobbies, and I answered.

Then he started cross-questioning me on one of my hobbies, Paranormal interests. His questions include some haunted sites in my hometown and other cities related.

I answered all his questions as I could.

He then narrowed it down on my hometown and district. He asked me about the difference between my hometown and jodhpur.

I answered him accordingly.

He then asked me questions about major projects in my district, like the petroleum oil plant and the Bharat mala project.

I answered based on my knowledge, and both of my answers were wrong at the time.

The interview ended here.

Result - Waitlisted.