How was your interview experience for microsoft as MBA?

Following is the interview experience of an unnamed MBA graduate from XLRI Jamshedpur who had interviewed for a product manager role at Microsoft.


Computer engineer Graduate

3-year work experience at Delloite India.


The placement process for an MBA college is different from that of an engineering college or technical role.

The placement process consists of the following phases -

  • Online aptitude test
  • Written case submission and discussion
  • Business plan simulation
  • Interview round

The online aptitude test consists of situational questions and logical-reasoning questions.

The candidate had quickly passed the online aptitude test.

The next stage was a written case submission and follow-up case discussion. The candidates were provided with a business problem that they had to solve analytically and later faced cross-questioning related to their decisions.

The said candidates also passed this stage and later went up to the business simulation stage. In this stage, the candidates have to create a business plan based on the problem statement provided to them, and later, they were asked scenario-based business questions,

The final stage was the Personal interview round, where the candidate was asked some basic HR questions.

Result: Selected