How was your interview experience for junior associate at Mu-Sigma?

Following is the interview experience of a candidate interviewing for the Junior Associate role.


10th: 68.13%

12th: 76.23%

B.Tech: 7.5 CGPA


The candidate has been shortlisted based on his CV. He is then asked to sit for an aptitude test which he passed.

The candidate is given a puzzle that he is asked to solve in 30 minutes in the next step. He somehow completed the task and was shortlisted for the next round.

The next is personal interviews. The first interview was technical. The followings are questioned asked:

  • Write a program to find x^y and make the compiler more efficient in doing this.
  • If an airline was losing customers rapidly, name at least five things that could explain this cause.

The next and final round was HR Interview. The followings are the question asked in the interview:

  • How in your school career have you ever used modeling to solve a problem?
  • How would your dream day at Mu Sigma be?
  • How would your skills would efficient enough to solve a problem?

Result: Unknown