How was your interview experience as an associate systems engineer for IBM?

Following is the Interview Experience of a student interviewing for the role:

Round 1 (Coding test)

There was only one question you had to answer in the time limit of 30 minutes.

  • The question’s difficulty was easily modifiable, and the test was conducted using the HackerRank platform.

  • The topic of the query is usually related to arrays and strings.

  • If you qualify in the first round, you will receive a link for the next round within one or two days.

  • Round 2(Game-based cognitive ability assessment)

  • It lasted another 30 minutes.

  • The assessment included five different types of questions.

  • They will give you a tutorial for each game.

  • You can watch the trial as many times as you want.

Round 3(English Assessment Test)

  • The time limit for this round was ten minutes. The questions were all about detecting errors in sentences—some of the questions required you to check the spelling of words you were given.
  • Try to answer as many questions as you can because there is no limit to the questions you can answer; you only have to do so in less time. There is also negative marking, so you must be quick and precise.

Round 4(Interview)

It was a technical and HR round.

This round took 30 minutes to complete.