How was your IMT Ghaziabad interview as engineer with work experience?

Candidate profile

Name - Sourav Kumar

Graduation - B.Engg. (Electronics and electrical engineering)

Experience - 4 months

Details -

The interview was online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There was no GD-WAT before the PI round.

There were two panelists, One male, and female.

They interviewed me one by one.

The female invigilator started by asking, “Tell me about yourself.” I answered the already prepared answer.

Then the invigilator asked me about my majors in my engineering. I answered that I did my graduation in electronics and electrical engineering.

She then asked me some basic questions about the subject, and i answered them accordingly.

She ended the interview here.

The male invigilator greeted me.

He started by asking me about some basic concepts of marketing and finance. I didn’t know the answer, so i answered that i did not know.

He then asked me about current news and what do i know about the topic. I answered that i was reading about the union budget and farm laws.

He asked me some questions about this news, and I answered what i knew about it.

He then asked me what specialization I wanted to do in my MBA, and I answered that I wanted to do marketing.

The interview ended here.

Conclusion - Selected.