How was your experience working at oracle?

Following is the answer given by one of the current employees of the company, and it is from his point of view:

Oracle is the most reviled technological firm in history. Employees despise it, and customers despise it even more. This one statement captures the essence of working at Oracle - anywhere, at any time, and in any location on the planet. Since I have extensive professional history with Oracle, notably Oracle India, I remain anonymous.

  • Oracle is a “one-trick pony” and always has been. Had originally constructed the Oracle database, which is still its only cash cow; all LOBs are now simply financial engineering, and the majority of revenues worldwide, particularly in India, come from selling on-premises Database license cores and AMC (support).

  • Existing customers are typically bullied into paying more (by conducting more and more LMS - Licensing raids on them) and higher support fees each year, with the majority of them, either abandoning the database or switching totally to open-source. As a result, Oracle reduces globally, and growth is virtually non-existent.

  • If you work in the Apps, Middleware, or Database teams, whether in Ops, Sales, Pre-Sales, or Consulting, you have practically no room for advancement. ZERO opportunities for advancement, ZERO pay raises, and ZERO benefits.