How was your experience of placement process for oracle?

Following is the interview experience of a candidate who sat in the oracle Applications engineer role’s placement process.


10th: 94.4%

12th: 89%

CSE: 81.2%

Written Test Round

The written test, according to the Candidate, was more approachable.

When it came to aptitude and verbal questions, he had some difficulties.

Aside from that, having a solid technical understanding will aid you in answering the remaining questions.

Technical Interview Round

Following are questions asked to him:

For a table, compare and contrast TRUNCATE and DELETE.

Can you explain why you are using an index?

Run the command create spfile from a file.

Use the DBMS metadata. Get the DDL package or the describe command.

What would be the best place to look for database engine errors?

What is the difference between Alias and Rename?

The interviewer was laid-back and asked general technical questions that anyone could answer if they had a basic understanding of the subject.

HR Interview Round

This is the last round, and the following are the questions asked to the Candidate:

What qualities do you look for in a good boss? As a result, give your prior boss a rating.

What kind of change is in the works at your potential employer, and how much of it?

What knowledge and experience can you offer that will benefit the company?

When I could promote someone from within, why would I hire you from the outside?

According to the Candidate, the interviewer was a senior manager in the organization who was quite accommodating and inquired whether the Candidate was comfortable.

Result: Unknown