How was the Technical Interview experience for campus placement for TCS?

The technical interview experience for a candidate is as follows:

The interview started with a basic introduction question after which the candidate was asked about the field and core subjects which he was studying. Following that the interviewer asked about the project that the candidate was working on and went in full depths of the topic and cross-questioned him many times and kept asking repeatedly why this topic was particularly chosen. Having answered all the questions related to the project, the interviewer then moved to technical questions.

The Interviewer then asked about OSI basic model, DBMS basic concepts like normalization, and the difference between different normalization forms. Data structure basic questions were there and so many questions on inheritance basics. There were some more basic questions about the programming language and then the interview got over. The interview lasted about 25 minutes and was pretty straightforward. Any person with decent knowledge about his subjects and programming languages could sail through the interview.

• In the technical round of the interview, the interview seeks to test the credibility of the information mentioned in the CV of the candidate, particularly related to the educational qualifications and past work experience (if any).
• They also want to test the confidence of a candidate, especially when they fumble or do not know the answer to a question.
• The interviewer also wants to check if a candidate can communicate effectively and explain the answers in a crisp and efficient manner.
• The candidate should also be decently dressed, portraying a pleasant personality with the appropriate body language.
• The candidate should keep in mind that the interview is a conversation where they can showcase the skills that the company is looking for and not merely a question-answer round.
• The interviewer also seeks to check that the knowledge gained is useful for their company and resonates with the goals they want to accomplish.