How was the Interview Process of S.P. Jain?

The interview process of S.P. Jain was the most empathetic and considerate process since the beginning.

  • The second-year students were the POCs for the entire process and helped us calm down before the WAT started. The topic for WAT was – ‘meticulous planning v/s spontaneous at times – which according to you makes a person successful?’.

  • After this, we were shifted to the waiting room where the POCs interacted with us and shared the experience of their first year in college.

  • The first round of interviews was technical and the panelists wanted to know our rationale behind choosing MBA, Marketing as a specialization in MBA, and S.P. Jain as an institute.

  • The second round of interviews was, however, about self-awareness and interpersonal relationships in my life. The very purpose of the group interviews that S.P.Jain conducts is for them to assess these two characteristics in the individual.

Shortlists take place based on these and they provide a rank. Since the number of seats is 60 each for four specializations, there is cut-throat competition.