How was the Interview Process of IIM Shillong?

  • The interview experience of IIM Shillong was relaxing and a breath of fresh air amongst the other interviews I had appeared for after the MBA entrance examinations.

  • IIM Shillong conducts its interviews separately from the New IIMs and has earned a respectful position over the years with a noteworthy placement record.

  • The panelists were genuinely interested in knowing more about my personality and who I am as a person in my life apart from my academics.

  • They also gave me a platform to showcase my talent by playing the ukulele.

  • According to me, they wanted to check my confidence and verify if everything is said in my introduction was honest or not.

  • In an interview, the interviewer is looking for a genuine person who is eligible for qualifying as a successful manager in the long run.

  • A person who engages in wrong-doing can enjoy short-term gains but cannot sustain in the industry in the long term.