How was the Interview Process of IIM Kozhikode?

The interview experience of IIM Kozhikode was one of a kind.

  • That was the best call I had received based on my CAT score and was afraid of messing it up. Due to the fear and desperation to convert the call, there were questions that I knew the answers to but nervousness got the better of me.

  • The interview was more on the technical side and the panelists were more concerned with my academic background and the subjects taught in it.

  • It is important that the candidate stays calm and composed even during a stressful interview.

  • It is okay if they cannot answer a few questions, but it is important to capitalize on the questions that the candidate is aware of and has knowledge of.

  • There were several questions that I knew but could not recall because I was more concerned with the end result of the interview.

As is said that the process is more important than the result and this interview, was the best example of it.