How was the Interview Process of IIM Indore?

The interview process of IIM Indore was one of the last interviews I had given for MBA colleges.

  • This interview was supposed to be a chance to redeem me after the disastrous interview experience of IIM Kozhikode.

  • The interview started off well, but again due to my nervousness getting better of me, I fumbled in a few technical questions.

  • But by the middle of it, I calmed myself down so that I do not butcher the answers that I already know and this was this helped me answer the rest of the questions rationally and practically.

  • The first panelist asked technical questions while the second panelist asked questions mostly hovering around general awareness and current affairs.

  • Since IIM Indore gives a lot of weightage to academics in calculating the final score for a candidate, my academic background landed me up with a score very close to the cut-off.

However, I was waitlisted and could not clear the cut-off eventually.