How was the Interview Process of CAP/New IIMs?

In 2021, I took part in the IIM CAP Interview.

  • CAP’s interview was the most forgiving in terms of the questions asked of all the interviews I attended.

  • The panelists were genuinely interested in learning more about my background and determining whether or not I would be joining.

  • They also asked about the other calls I had received based on my entrance scores and where do my preferences lie.

  • They also introduced themselves and the respective institutes they belonged to.

  • The interview was conducted on the same day as S.P.Jain and the management was not up to the mark.

On average, a candidate was kept sitting for 5-6 hours before their turn arrived, which was random and without any prior intimation. The panelists also seemed tired and overworked after a day full of interviews and did not dig deep into any technical questions or current affairs.