How was the Interview Experience of S.P. Jain?

The interview experience of S.P. Jain was one of the best experiences out of all the institutes I applied in and got shortlisted for. Before the interview process, there is a written ability test wherein the topic can be anything under the sun. S.P. Jain is the only institute that conducts group interviews and two rounds of it.

1st round: 2 panelists – both male

P1: Tell me about yourself?

P2: Why an MBA after Economics Honours? Why not an M.Sc. in Economics after it?

P1: Why marketing in MBA?

P2: Difference between consumer behavior in Economics and Management?

P1: Sell me the three farm bills that have received backlash from the farmers recently.

2nd round: 2 panelists – 1 male and 1 female

P1: Tell us something about yourself apart from the CV.

P2: How many members are there in your family?

P1: Which one is more important for you – individualism or collectivism? (a long debate on this)

P2: Which of the two positions are justified according to you – the farmers in their protest against the farm laws or the ruling party?