How was the Interview Experience of IIM Kozhikode?

The interview experience of IIM Kozhikode was one of a kind.

There were 2 panelists – both males

P1: Tell us about yourself- about your academic background, nothing about your extra-curricular activities

P1 (Comment) – Your graduation marks are pretty good for someone studying at Calcutta University

P1: Have you heard about the recent budget, what are the new tax brackets introduced by the government?

P1: What is the highest GST that is charged in our country?

P1: What is the GST on petrol? Is there a GST on petrol?

P1: What is the GST charged in restaurants?

P2: What is the difference between covariance and correlation?

P2: What is a residual in regression?

P2: What are the other topics that you are well-versed within econometrics?

P2: Tell us about your hobbies and interests