How was the Interview Experience at XLRI for HR Domain?

The interview panel consisted of 3 Male Interviewers (Later found out that one of them was the director of the Institute). The interview started with an introduction question after which I was asked a couple of questions about the internship that I was doing. The next interviewer jumped in between and asked me how comfortable I would be working with an LGBTQ community member in one of my teams who is quite open about it. I answered trying to back up my answers with how the world is changing rapidly and it is important to have an open mindset. I also quoted a potential loss incurred by the world by not hiring some of the members of the community as estimated by the International Labor Organization. I was also asked a couple of questions from the form which we had filled out prior to the interview. They also asked me about a time when I had to learn from my mistakes and apply the same in the real life. I answered with a small narrative that I had prepared. The last question they asked was why HR and what subjects in Human Resource Management would interest me the most. I answered the question on the lines of my preparation. The interview went on for about 35 minutes.

RESULT- Waitlisted