How was the Interview Experience at XLRI BM

Interview Experience- XLRI BM

The interview panel consisted of 3 Male professors. This interview was the most important one I had and was quite nervous before it. Having sat for the HR interview of XLRI, I had a fair idea that this was going to be a long interview. They started by asking me to introduce myself. One of the interviewers asked me about Ahmedabad (hometown) and asked me to describe it and what was significant about it. He moved on to my Family Business and asked me about its functioning and nuances, all of which I answered pretty confidently. Next, the interviewer asked me why I wanted to do an MBA and not continue with the family business and grilled me for a good 7-8 minutes on the topic. Another interviewer jumped in and asked me about various accounting questions, asked me some rationales behind the principles gave some situations and asked me what impact those entries would have on various financial statements. The last interviewer asked me about some behavioral questions as in Who was the one person that had a positive influence on my life, How would I try and convince the person of an idea which is good for the organization but he has opposing viewpoints on it and is at a senior level. There was a lot of cross-questioning on every answer and it could be easily rated as one of the toughest interviews I appeared for this season.

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