How was the Interview Experience at Symbiosis Institute of International Business-Pune?

Interviewee Background- A Bachelors of Commerce Graduate with a specialization in Finance with prior experience working in a Family Business.
The interview panel at SIIB consisted of 3 Interviewers. The Interview started with a basic introduction after which the interviewer emphasized the fact that I did a specialization in Finance directly started asking questions related to the stock market and what were 3 big news or changes in the market in the past month. They continued by asking various financial ratios, how do I decide which stocks to buy, and asked me to suggest 3 stocks which would give healthy returns. I suggested stocks after asking certain counter questions regarding his purpose, duration of the investment and risk-taking capabilities. The second Interviewer asked some accounting questions starting with the difference between depreciation and amortization. Why don’t we record Goodwill in books? Most of the questions were based on Accounts and finance in the interview. The last question which was asked to me was why I wanted to pursue an MBA to which I answered confidently as it was a question that I prepared well in advance.

RESULT- Converted