How was the Interview Experience at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune?

Interviewee Background- A Bachelors of Commerce Graduate with a specialization in Finance with prior experience working in a Family Business.

The Interview panel had 2 senior Male interviewers. The interview started with a general Introduction question. From there, the interviewer picked up the specialization in finance part and started asking questions related to financial services. He further continued the questions on Banking, various rates and another kind of services offered. He extensively asked about the banking system in India and asked about the functions of banks. The other interviewer picked up from there and asked about various forms of money and asked about cryptocurrency, how are they initiated, which technology they use, what are the differences between the crypto and the currency that countries are using. He also asked my views on the cryptocurrency market and asked if a country can use it as legal tender. The discussion also went into the technical side of cryptocurrency which I could not answer due to the lack of expertise in that area. The interview lasted for about 20 minutes.