How was the Interview Experience at SIBM Bangalore?

The interview panel consisted of 3-panel members - 2 Male and a Female. The Interview started with an Introduction question following which I was asked about which other colleges I already had appeared in an interview for and which ones are scheduled after this interview. I replied stating all the interviews that I had appeared for and all those which were yet to be scheduled. The next series of questions were based on finance. Most of them were pretty basic ranging from certain terminologies and Financial Statements. The interviewer followed by inquiring about How my interest in Finance arose. I answered the question as prepared. The interviewer seemed pretty convinced with the answer. He then asked which company was my dream company to work for to which I replied HDFC Bank. Immediate counter questions came that who is the founder and the Current CEO of the bank. He also asked why I wanted to work in HDFC bank. Then the lady interviewer asked me why I want to do an MBA from SIBM Bangalore considering I have other calls too and what about the college attracts me? I was well prepared for the answer and quoted some of the USPs mentioned on their website. The interview went on for almost 30 minutes.

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