How was the Interview Experience at MICA?

Interviewee Background- A Bachelors of Commerce Graduate with a specialization in Finance with prior experience working in a Family Business.

The interview panel consisted of 2 Male and 1 female interviewer. The interviewers had the form which was given to all students that contained basic information as well some questions. The interviewer started by asking why would I want to pursue an MBA in marketing when I had a specialization in finance. I tried to explain to him why I did specialize in Finance but worked in a customer-facing and marketing type of internship and was more inclined towards marketing. He seemed half-convinced. I was then asked about some marketing terminologies and asked about how Porter’s Five forces model would be helpful for a company to decide its strategy. Another Interviewer then gave me a situation wherein I had to write a title to an article across all the social media handles of a newspaper which would make it interesting and the readers would be inclined to read the article. He explained the situation and gave me a couple of minutes to formulate my answer. Moving further, the interviewer asked me about my family business and asked me 3 ways in which I would market my business and how effective each method would be. He cross-questioned some of the methods I answered and inquired why any other method would not be suitable. The interview went on for about 25 minutes.