How was the Interview Experience at IMT Ghaziabad?

Interviewee Background- A Bachelors of Commerce Graduate with a specialization in Finance with prior experience working in a Family Business.

The interview Panel had 3 senior professors. There were no introduction questions as they asked us to submit a 1-minute video introducing ourselves. They kickstarted the interview by asking about the republic day celebrations and how many years it had been since we were a Republic nation. Then the interview delved into some of the current topics that were going on at that time. It was related to border tensions between two countries. The Interviewer was very inclined toward General Knowledge and matters of international news. Having answered some of them and missed some of them, the next interviewer interrupted and started asking questions on some of the basic economic principles and asked to quote the Law of demand. From there, a series of follow-up questions started. Most of them were answered properly and at the end of the questions, the interviewer gave a hypothetical situation about the Demand-Supply schedule of a product and gave various situations for the same. This was the last question, the interview revolved mostly around current affairs and the concept of Economics.

RESULT- Converted