How was the Interview Experience at IIM Calcutta?

My interview experience at IIM Calcutta was largely driven by my work experience that I had previously. Starting with my internship at an advertising agency, I was thoroughly asked about the work I did there. Additionally, I was also asked questions related to the advertising industry in India. I was asked to give my thoughts on a saying that goes: “If it’s free, you are the product.” As a social media user, I was both surprised and curious about this question. I had to be careful while drawing the fine line between the future of digitization and its security issues. On the same issue, I was also asked about my views on the movie “Social Dilemma.” IIM Calcutta is known for asking math questions. I was asked questions related to permutations and combinations. Having answered the first one incorrectly, my confidence was shaken. But I was able to quickly turn it around by getting the next 2 right. It is all about how you handle yourself in tough situations and not let it shake your confidence.