How was the Interview Experience at IIM Bangalore?

The interview an IIMB is nothing short of a nerve-wracking experience. The questions range from everything between your past experiences to your future expectations. Be sure to have some room for trick questions. Having a keen eye is important because they may be disguised as regular irrelevant questions. As a commerce student, I was asked questions related to cost accounting and taxation. To draw a parallel between current affairs, I was also asked questions related to the latest finance budget of 2022. Owing to my personal interest in cricket, I was given an interesting question that didn’t just test my knowledge of cricket but test my leadership skills as a future manager. The question was, “If you had a 10% chance of winning the game, what strategies would you employ as a captain?” Through this question, they also test how you strategically apply the knowledge you have as marks alone are not a reflection of a future leader. I was also asked about my opinions on religion and be sure to tread on this gentle topic as lightly as possible.