How was the Interview Experience at IIFT Delhi?

Interviewee Background- A Bachelors of Commerce Graduate with a specialization in Finance with prior experience working in a Family Business.

The interview panel consisted of 3 interviewers. The interview started with an introductory question which I answered as prepared. The Interviewer asked about an answer written in the form which was given to all the candidates earlier to fill. The question asked to talk about a piece of international news about trade. The interviewer sought some clarification of the answer written. The next interviewer asked a series of questions on the International Trade bodies and what are its function and headquarters of various of them. The next questions were about India’s trade relations with the neighboring countries and describe the latest changes that have been included in the trade treaties. The questions were mostly based on international trade and India’s relation with other countries. The last interviewer asked me about India’s trade deficit and the foreign reserves and how various situations affect the reserves. He also asked me about the internship experience and what was the role that I had. The interviewer also asked me about the types of research methods and the differences between primary and secondary research methods. The interview lasted for 45 minutes and it was one of the toughest and most technical interviews I faced.