How varied are data science roles?

Companies want sector-specific skills that can help them innovate; if you don’t have the set of specific skills, it’s tough to support a company with innovation.

As we now move into 2021 and look toward the future, data science is requiring more specialized skills, so think about what you want to do and what you love and start finding that direction. This specific fork in the road that you, as a data scientist, need to choose, will determine where you want to go and how your career develops.

Instead of data scientists who can do a little bit of everything, they look for the specialists. For example, data scientists should focus on one specific field of AI and then think about data labeling, or you can think about machine learning or parallel computing.

New job roles and titles are going to be highly specific to match the need for these specialized talents. It’s something that we see as a big trend, so if you look to the professionals who are already immersed in the industry, they’re altering their hunt for the talent, and they’re altering the move to the future. So if you look to the profile of the data scientist, what businesses cite is this lack of relevant skills and talents as a critical internal roadblock for their success.

The increasing importance of data analytics is causing organizations to reshape and rethink their approach to specific data analytics talent roles.

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