How to write and post your own article on LinkedIn with the site's article-publishing tool, to share in-depth expertise with your network and gain followers?

Posting articles on [LinkedIn can help you share your professional knowledge with your connections and gain followers on the platform, all while growing your network.

Many [LinkedInmembers have the ability to use the article publishing tool on [LinkedIn, where it is possible to write your own article that can be up to 125,000 characters long. However, some users may not have access to the tool, as [LinkedIn notes that it is not available in all geographic areas.
If you don’t have the ability, [you could still create or share articles within the regular posting featurewhich is available to all users with a limit of 1,300 characters.

If the article publishing tool is available in your area, here’s what you’ll need to do to post your own article on the platform.
1. Go to [linkedin.comand log into your account, if necessary.
2. Click “Write an article” located in the post-creation box in the middle of your homepage.
3. Write or paste in your article, add a headline, image, and format as desired, then press the blue “Publish” button in the top-right corner of the screen.
You can also go back in and [edit your article if you spot a typo or want to rephrase something, or share it to your other social media accounts once it’s published by pressing the share icon at the end of your article or next to your author’s byline.