How to write a proper cover letter: A comprehensive guide?

If you are writing a cover letter for the first time, then it is understandable that you will be a little stumped. However, writing a cover letter does not need creativity. Instead, all you need is the format to make sure that your cover letter catches the eye of the recruiter in seconds.

A cover letter should consist of the following four parts.

  • Salutation: Through the salutation, you address the reader, that is, the recruiter or HR manager, by their designation or name.
  • Introduction: This is the section where you need to catch the attention of the HR manager. Introduce yourself and briefly explain why because you are suited for the role.
  • Body: In the following two or three short paragraphs, go in-depth regarding your professional experience, skills, achievements, and other highlights.
  • Conclusion: The most essential part of a cover letter is the call to action that influences the recruiter to call you in for an interview.