How to use Top filter in Tableau?

Tableau Top Filters

In Tableau, Top filter is used to set the limit of result from a screen. For example, if you want to get only the top 10 values from a large set of records. Then, you can apply this filter using the inbuilt options for limiting the files in many ways or by creating a formula.

Create a Top Filter

For example , consider the data source such as Sample-superstore , and you want to find the sub-category of products that represents the top 10 sales amount. There are the following steps, such as:

Step1: Drag the Sub-Category field to the Rows shelf and the Sales field to the Columns shelf. Choose the horizontal bar from the " Show Me " tab. Tableau shows the following view:

Step2: Right-click on the Sub-Category field and go to the " Top " tab. And, choose the second radio " By field " option. From the drop-down, select the Top 10 options by Sum of Sales.

After completing the above all steps, you will get the following view, which shows the top 10 Sub-Category of products by sales shown in the below screenshot.