How to use polyfills in Angular application?

The Angular CLI provides support for polyfills officially. When we create a new project with the ng new command, a src/polyfills.ts configuration file is created as part of our project folder. This file includes the mandatory and many of the optional polyfills as JavaScript import statements. Let’s categorize the polyfills,

  1. Mandatory polyfills: These are installed automatically when we create our project with ng new command and the respective import statements enabled in ‘src/polyfills.ts’ file.
  2. Optional polyfills: We need to install its npm package and then create import statement in ‘src/polyfills.ts’ file. For example, first we need to install below npm package for adding web animations (optional) polyfill. bash npm install --save web-animations-js and create import statement in polyfill file. javascript import 'web-animations-js';