How to use Dual Axis Charts in Tableau?

A dual axis chart is used to present the relationship between two variables. More specifically, these charts are useful for demonstrating the relationship between two or more measures with different amplitude and scale. The dual axis charts help in presenting plenty of information in the limited space present on your dashboard and also allows you to understand the trends, you may have missed otherwise.

Step 1: To enable Tableau dual axis in your chart, right-click on the Discount measure in your Row field and select the option Dual Axis.

A new tableau dual axis chart will be generated that will label both your Sales and Discount measures on the Y-axis and Order Date on the X-axis.

Step 2: For more clarity, we’ll convert this graph into a bar chart. To access the option for graph conversion, you can visit the dropdown list under the Marks tab and select Bar Chart.

Step 3: To fit and visualize our data correctly, we will use the field Measure Names. Measure Names is an option in Tableau that captures all measures in your data, organized into a single field with discrete values.

With this, you’ll have a more profound visualization of your data with all the required metrics and their distribution in a single canvas.